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Be individual and stand out with a unique wrapdesign… or keep it classy with an oldskool racing livery or a classic striping.   

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From design ...

... to a wrap ...

Car wrapping services :

  • Custom striping
  • Designwraps (cutted and/or printed vinyl)
  • Colour changes
  • Fullcolor wrapping
  • Classic & Youngtimer Rally/DTM design 
  • Hood & Roof wrapping
  • Interior parts 
  • Dechroming
  • Paint protection film (PPF)

Motorbikes & (camper)vans on request


Wrapping HOOD from €180,00 inkl. VAT (without intakes)


Wrapping ROOF from €180,00 inkl. VAT (without sunroof and antenna)



Coupe (small cars) from €1400,00 ex VAT

4 door hatchback (medium cars) from €1550,00 ex VAT

Station/Limo from €1750,00 ex VAT

SUV from €2100,00 ex VAT

Exclusive cars from €2250,00 ex VAT

Chrome wrapping from €5250,00 ex VAT


Fullcolor or vinyl cutted designwraps leaving the base color visible. From €500,00 – €1850,00 ex VAT

Fullcolor designwraps

Printed fullcolor complete wraps from €2900,00 ex VAT